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Mental Health Counseling, Blue Lotus, Golden, CO

Mental Health Counselor, Michele Ater, Golden COMichele Ater
Registered Colorado Psychotherapist

Mental Health Counseling with Michele Ater

LPC, NCC, M.A., Counselor and Registered Colorado Psychotherapist # NLC0105794

M.A. – Clinical Mental Health Counseling
TFTdx – Diagnostic Thought Field Therapist
Reiki Master/Teacher

Welcome to my page!  I hope you have found this site because you are ready to discover how to live with authenticity and balance.   Our goal working together is to balance your emotions (mental health), physical (nutritional health) and spirit (spiritual health).

Please look through this site to see if this form of therapy resonates with you.  We work to Remove, Balance and Grow (RBG) with my brand of therapeutic modalities.

Remove-distracting, dysfunctional or uncomfortable habits, thoughts, addictions, stresses, traumas.

Balance-Energy work (Reiki, Reflexology) and body (Nutrition).

Grow-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)/Existentialism to repattern thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors.

This RBG therapy is a bit non-traditional, but allows you to really WORK at making changes in your life.  Identify then change rather than just identify.  Let’s get you on the path to mindful growth and inner peace.  I really look forward in meeting with you and sharing the work together.    ~Blessings,   Michele

Please contact me with any questions or you may set up an appointment by visiting my contact page.